Setting: LIBRARY
Age Range: 15-18 years old
Running time: approximately 2.5 minutes
Description: Lulu is a girl of about 17 years old.  It is about a month before her high school prom.   She is at the library, trying to study with her friend. The diet she is embarking on in order to fit into her prom dress is put to the test by the daydream of a delicious, creamy donut...


I’m dreaming of a donut. I’m that hungry. Like, literally, day dreaming about tasting one. Biting into one. I’m not sure which one I’d choose…Maybe the kind with chocolate icing on the outside and that creamy filling.  What are those called? Cream puffs? Not that but…they’re so good.  So rich.  I like that feeling of a little kind of explosion as my teeth hit the pastry.  And the filling just spills out into my mouth.  Or maybe I’d go for a glazed donut.  They’re simple. But we all know they’re the best, right?  The melted sugar.  The glaze.  That slight hint of a yeasty dough. I like to feel the glaze melt on my tongue.  Turn from icing into liquid.  You know you can really taste the sugar, so intense, right on the front of your tongue?  I really should be studying. I know that.  I have my books right here. But when you’re hungry…you know…it’s all you can think about.  I guess this is how those kids in Africa feel.  Those poor kids.  You know it’s my mom that made me skip lunch. She thinks...END OF EXCERPT. CLICK BELOW FOR THE COMPLETE MONOLOGUE OF A DONUT DAYDREAM

A Donut Daydream monologue
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