Tara Meddaugh's plays begin with an idea, a character, a bit of dialogue, or a location. Actors, directors, designers, technical staff and producers bring these worlds to life.  Plays are only on paper and in our imaginations until these creative and artistic people bring their expertise to the stage.  Tara loves to begin this amazing process of theatre, but remember that the writing of plays is also a means of livelihood.  Therefore, keep in mind the following Rights and Restrictions to her work, and if you choose to perform a piece of hers, know that you are supporting not only Tara, in her art, but by supporting the playwright, you are also supporting the life of theatre, as a whole.  So thank you!

Now, for the nitty gritty!


If you would like to perform a piece (be it a monologue, full length play or anything in between), or would like to use a piece for educational purposes, please contact Tara for permission and/or royalty information.  Please note, that whether you are performing a piece in front of a paying audience, for students, at a festival, or for free in your back yard, all of these are subject to a royalty.  Sometimes Tara waives royalties, but you still must seek permission first.

-All rights--including professional, amateur, readings, video or audio recordings, photocopying, reprinting online, translations, are reserved. All of Tara's plays are protected by copyright laws and it is an infringement of these laws to use them without permission.
-If you would like to perform one of Tara's play and there will be a public audience present, please click here to access the Royalty Request Form. You may simply fill in the form and send it to Tara.

For amateur productions, royalties are typically a fixed amount per show, ranging in price depending on the length of the play and usage. For professional or longer runs, royalties are typically a percentage of the box office's gross income. If you have already filled out a Royalty Request Form and now need to pay for the royalty, you may access those options below. Order one for each time you will be performing the play before an audience, other than cast and crew. You must fill out a Royalty Request Form and send it to Tara, prior to purchasing the royalty.

When performing one of Tara's plays, be aware that they must be presented as they appear in their published format (whether digital or hard copy), and her intent should be respected in the production. No changes, additions, edits, cuts should be made without prior consent. Again, you can receive that consent by contacting Tara. Whenever a play is performed, due billing and author credit must be giving on all materials, such as programs, poster, advertisements, etc.

Tara's monologues have been used worldwide, from talent shows in the Middle East, to language arts textbooks in South Africa, to computer animation in Scotland, to festivals, contests, and, of course, auditions throughout the United States and Canada.  She is happy to share her monologues with actors and other interested parties. But again, you must contact Tara and ask for permission.

If you have any questions, by now you know what to do--contact Tara! Thank you once again for supporting Tara's work. Theatre is one of the most unique and exciting artistic forms because it is so collaborative.  Tara is part of that.  Now, you're part of that. And that's pretty cool.


Tara Meddaugh is a versatile and talented writer and excellent communicator. Whether you have interest in her writing a monologue for your child, a full-length drama, or a short historical piece, she is an ideal partner for a commission.

If you would like to commission Tara Meddaugh for a writing project, please fill out the Commission Request Form and send the document directly back to Tara Meddaugh.