A Monologue
By Tara Meddaugh © 2017
Cast: MALE
Age Range: 20s-60s
Length: Approximately 2 minutes

Description: BRIAN is a man in his 20s-60s, speaking to, Abby, a woman he’s been casually dating. Abby has felt the relationship is not advancing toward love, but when she tries to break it off, Brian makes a case for his learning to love her.



Do you—do you want me to fall in love with you?  Is that what you want? Because—I didn’t know that, and I could—I mean, I could work on that. I know you think—I know, I know—you think you’d be forcing me. Forcing me to love you—and who wants that, right? But that’s not how I see it. It’s…You’d be guiding me. Right? Like…a flashlight. In the woods. Or no—not a flashlight. You could buy a flashlight at Home Depot or CVS.  You’re much more than that—you’re so giving to me, with such a tight body, and you make me feel…strong. No one could ever find you, Abby, in Home Depot. You’re…


You’re an angel. This…beautiful kind of… guide-like angel, showing me how to love you. You just have to—you know, teach me. And you’re a good teacher—I’ve seen the notes those second graders give you…You don’t like when I ignore your calls. Okay, you told me and now I know. I won’t do that anymore. You, yesterday, when that hot girl—I mean, that woman—when that woman took the cab we were waiting for and I commented on her lovely short skirt—you told me, you just said, and I appreciate it, you said, “I don’t like it when you point out hot girls to me.” Fine. I don’t have to say those observations out loud. I’m learning already, right? You...Click below for the complete monologue, Angel of Forced Love.

Angel of Forced Love
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