For My Silent Sisters
Cast: 5 female, 3 male, 2 female children, 5-15 male/female children (nonspeaking)
Genre: Drama
Set: minimal, impressionistic
Set in the countries of Cambodia, Romania, India and the United States, four teenagers struggle to escape the dark underworld of child sex trafficking.  Jorani has been sold to a brothel in payment for her sister’s gambling debt, and her Buddhist upbringing is put to the test.  Marta seeks a new life as a translator in England, but after finding her “employer” has vastly different plans for her, she must risk her own life to save another.  After a fight with her father, Claire meets an older man whom she starts to fall for—but whose manipulation over her brings on severe consequences. Abhay, living on the streets of Mumbai, finds employment at a brothel and must decide if the “good life” is worth the atrocities.  While living in four different parts of the world, their lives are intertwined, and their support of each other binds this connection.  Told through poignant monologues and scenes, this drama shines light on the real horrors that occur all over the world, and the hope and faith that allow children to survive.
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