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A monologue
By 6-year-old guest playwright, Luke B.
© 2019
Cast: male or female, child
Running time: Approximately 1 minute

Description: Max is caught red-handed taking his mom’s lamp into his room. He has a good reason for this, but it’s not what his mom is expecting! Find out the meaning of “grinching” someone in this 1-minute comedic monologue written by guest playwright, 6-year-old, Luke B!

Max, a child, around 8 years old, is standing in the doorway, holding his mom’s lamp. His mom catches him about to take it into his bedroom.



Well, I know it looks weird for me to hold your lamp in my hand, but I have a good reason. My light doesn’t work! (smirks) You don’t believe me? I was grinching it! What? You don’t know what grinching is! It’s when someone takes something. It’s from the grinch movie. Remember? We watch it a lot. It’s like where the grinch goes over house to house stealing everything. Can’t I have a little fun, Mom? All— END OF EXCERPT
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