A 10-minute dramatic monologue play

by Tara Meddaugh (c) 2019

marsopa's tale cover.png

Marsopa is the lone mermaid of her sea, but enjoys the company of her best friend and water-sister, a dolphin named Stone. But when Stone considers starting her own family, Marsopa faces the idea of being truly alone. That is - until she makes eyes with an intriguing fisherman... Now Marsopa must call into question the truth of mermaid and human legends, and decide what she is willing to risk for the possibility of creating her own fate.

Genre: drama (comedy)
Cast: 1 female, teen to young adults
Setting: A rock, a sea. May be impressionistic.
Running time: Approximately 10 minutes
Great for: Theater performances, competitions, thespian festivals, drama festivals, one-act play festivals, ten-minute play festivals, solo performances.

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