(from The Other Three Sisters)
Age range: 15-25 years old
Description: Mary has finally agreed to marry the large, ugly, boring Mr. Watts. While she does not love him, she would hate for his offer to go to her younger sisters and see one of them married before she.  Additionally, her neighbors have not received an offer of marriage, and she looks forward to holding this over them.  While she dreads a life with Mr. Watts, she looks forward to the riches and society gatherings a marriage affords.  She reminds him of what he owes to her, and becomes increasingly excited and demanding as she imagines her life with him.


Remember the pinmoney—two hundred a year!  And remember I am to have a new carriage hung as high as the Duttons', and blue spotted with silver.  And I shall expect a new saddle horse, a suit of fine lace, and an infinite number of the most valuable jewels.  Diamonds such as never were seen! And pearls, rubies, emeralds and beads out of number.  You must set up your phaeton which must be cream colored with a wreath of silver flowers round it.  You must buy four of the finest Bays in the kingdom and you must drive me in it every day.  This is not all.  You must entirely new furnish your house after my taste.  You must hire two more footmen to attend me, two women to wait on me, must always do just as I please and make a very good husband.  CLICK FOR ENTIRE MARY'S EXPECTATIONS MONOLOGUE.