Setting: A HOME
Age range: 5-10 years old
Description: Chloe tries to convince her mom she has matured since she let her pet fish die, and now she is ready to take care of a puppy.


I know Mr. Swimmie died, but this is different.  Mr. Swimmie was weird as soon as we got him.  Half the time he swam backwards, remember?  And sometimes he’d bump into the tank, like maybe he couldn’t see right or something.  I did try to feed him—most of the time.  You know, right before dinner, if I was smelling your macaroni and cheese cooking or maybe you were making that dessert with cherry and chocolate I love?  Or even if it was that gross pot roast that stinks up the house.  I had to think of food because I was smelling it.  So I’d feed him.  Like, every day.  Honest.  Or most days anyway. 
So I know I forgot a few days.  I’m not perfect like Emily, ok? CLICK FOR COMPLETE MR. SWIMMIE MONOLOGUE