a thriller/horror/dramatic monologue
By Tara Meddaugh

Night. ADELE is in her bedroom, where she sees a haunting boy inside the mirror, who is playing with toy soldiers. When she gains courage to speak, she questions him until he finally stares directly at her. She is stunned as his eyes turn to coal and then begin to bleed. She is terrified and fearful that he is in pain—or that he is there to put her into pain. She begs him to turn away from her.

Genre: Thriller/Drama/Horror
Cast: Female/Male
Age range: Teen through adult
Setting: Bedroom, night
Running time: Approximately 1.5 - 2 minutes



(very quietly at first)


(stares at the boy in the mirror)

It’s hard to speak.


I can barely breathe...

(steadies herself)



What…do you want?


Maybe you can’t see me. Can you see me? You’re not—you’re not looking at me. You’re foggy, dark, barely this…moving image in the mirror. But I can see you’re a little boy. Playing with tiny soldiers and…a mouse? Or rat? Oh, don’t put that rat on your face, little boy. It’ll bite you! It’s biting—-Oh…you’re smiling…you like that?…Hm… Where are your teeth? You’re—END OF EXCERPT

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Pieces of Coal, a monologue
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