Ruth and Harry & The Dinner Party
A ten-minute play
By Tara Meddaugh

While preparing for a dinner party, Ruth reveals a well-kept secret to her husband, which jeopardizes their future as a family.

Cast: 1 f/1 m
Set: A dining room, 1940s
Genre: Drama, Comedy, 1940s
Great for: Performances, production alone or with other short plays, duo interp, competitions, period drama, male/female duo, 2-hander play, young actors, strong female role

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This ten-minute play is part of a selection of short plays which comprises The Victory Garden Plays. It may be performed within The Victory Garden Plays production, or it may stand alone, as a 10-minute play, as featured here.

CLICK below for a complete digital copy of the production, The Victory Garden Plays (which includes this 10-minute play, as well as 4 other 10-minute plays, and 2 monologue plays)

The Victory Garden Plays, a full-length play in 7 parts

While soldiers fight abroad in WW2, those remaining in Westchester County strive to make a difference on the Homefront by creating Victory Gardens, supplementing limited food supply. But the pressures on the homefront extend much further than simply growing produce. A child worries her failing rooftop garden is an omen of misfortune for her father’s return from a POW camp. An infertile woman throws her purpose into feeding neighborhood families. A wealthy man whose chemical plant is commissioned by the government for war purposes struggles with how to leave a meaningful legacy not tainted with warfare. These stories, and more, are given light in The Victory Garden Plays, a series of vignettes chronicling people’s journeys with their new realities of love, growth, life and death.

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