She’s So Ugly
A dark comedy/teen monologue

By Tara Meddaugh

Age range: 12-22
Length: approximately 1 minute
Description: Skyler speaks to her friends about Hannah, a girl in their dance class, who is far from pretty. She pities poor Hannah being stuck with so many beautiful girls and illustrates just how ugly Hannah truly is. She has the idea to give her a make-over, but does not think any makeover could bring her even close to the extremely high caliber of the other beautiful girls. She comes to the realization that the only way to make Hannah appear prettier, is to make the pretty girls uglier. She recognizes this will be a challenge, as well, but they will not shy away from a challenge.



She’s so ugly, I feel so bad. No, seriously, I do, because I have, like, a really high level of empathy. I took a test online and I’m basically an empath. So think of walking in to school every day like that, and worse, oh my god, worse, our dance class, right? Everyone is so pretty in that class. We can’t help it. Attractive people like to dance and that’s not our fault and that’s not discrimination. It can’t be, because Hannah’s in that class, and well…


She must feel so alone. Her poor face…oh my God, her poor hair and skin and eyes. Look, you guys know I think everyone is beautiful in their own way. You saw what my shirt said yesterday, right? “Being Beautiful Is Everyone’s Destiny.” Everyone’s. Not just mine. And I wouldn’t wear it if I didn’t believe it. You know I hold true to my convictions. It’s why everyone likes me.


But Hannah…I mean, maybe we need to focus on her inner beauty, you know? And it’s like, we could do a make-over, and draw some beauty out, but, I really don’t think that’s enough. The standard in our class is just too high. So. I was thinking. You know how--
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