still standing under the mistletoe.jpg

Still Standing Under the Mistletoe
A comedic/dramatic monologue
By Tara Meddaugh
(c) 2018

Larry is at a Christmas party and speaks to his ex-girlfriend Mindy. She is standing under a mistletoe and he nervously confesses he still has feelings for her. He hopes that she still has feelings for him too, and that if she notices she is standing under the mistletoe, she will not move away from it… 

Age range: teen-adult
Cast: Male
Running time: Approximately 1.5-2 minutes
Setting: A Christmas party



Is it okay that I’m, I mean, you don’t mind talking to me, when you’re—you know, you’re standing there? I mean, maybe you don’t even notice, but you’re standing under—Okay, I shouldn’t even mention. You’ll just move. And I—I—I don’t want you to move.


You’re…Mindy…you’re the most beautiful thing at this Christmas party and that winter wonderland display is very pleasing to the eye, so it’s not easy competition.


But—blue lights and artificial snow? It’s nothing compared to you. I haven’t forgotten how you smell like cinnamon or how your hair feels like velvet or how your laugh could, it could melt those icicles hanging from the roof.


You make me a poet!


So why would I want you to move when we’re finally so close?


You don’t have to say anything. I don’t mind if you’re quiet because if you say something, you might tell me to leave. Or tell me I’m crazy. That this is all in my head that—END OF EXCERPT

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