Teddy Shouldn’t Go to Space
A monologue
Written by guest playwright, 8-year-old, Dylan B.

© 2017
Genre: Comedy/Children/Teen
Running Time: Approximately 1 minute

Jackson is an 8 ½ year old boy. He is standing at the doorstep to his house. He speaks to a NASA member. His dog’s name is Teddy.



You really shouldn’t send my dog to the moon. Remember you said that the rocket was fast, to convince me? Well, in space the faster you go, the farther you go to the future. So I won’t see Teddy for months! Also you’re not even paying me. And I know most kids would be excited about this, so…you don’t need to worry about paying—but still. You could run out of air. Get attacked by cosmic radiation, run out of gas, or freeze! You should go get volunteers. So once you leave, you can keep that in mind. And I see... Click below to purchase the entire monologue: