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By Tara Meddaugh © 2015
Age range: 20-50s
Setting: A living room

HOLLY, is a mother in her 20s-50s. She is at home in the living room. She speaks to her husband, Jesse, who has been watching tv.


My hands are raw—look at them!  I have so many cracks—do you know it stings when I squeeze the lemons? Yeah, it does. I bet you didn’t think about that yesterday.  When you and the boys were sauntering around the apple orchard—picking all that low hanging fruit that even Sammy could reach. Eating cider donuts and launching rotten apples out of the apple canon. Oh, I know you had fun while I was working at the hospital and brought me back this, what, I don’t know, bushel of apples? Yes, I say brought me back because no one else planned on washing all that white pesticide off of them, right?  Click for the remainder of the APPLE PIE PAIN MONOLOGUE.