Where in the world do my online visitors come from?

Ah, that's the beauty of the expansive world wide web, right?  Now for those in the upper generations who still remember what it was like before the internet made everything readily available, it's still kind of a (somewhat old, but still cool) novelty that we can reach so many people via the web. There were days when plays had to be (gulp) exclusively mailed out through the postal service in order to even reach another individual! Now, I don't know if I quite was in that time period, but I was certainly in the transition time period. And yes, there are still places who accept only hard copies of work.

But alas. The internet is a pretty cool thing. As playwrights, our words can reach people now around the globe and it's neat that my characters are speaking not only in North America and the UK, but also in Oman, Jamaica, Finland, Iran...So, for fun (thanks to the also cool advent of website statistic trackers), I thought I'd list here the top 20 countries that have visited my website over the past month.  If you don't see your country here, that's because I'm sticking with the top 20 for my list (and hey, please share my work around and maybe it'll bump up your country's rank!). Although, I will throw in the last 5 that I have tracked too (out of 110 countries that have visited over the last month), because I truly am thankful for each person exploring my work--and Go You, if you're checking it out where it's not as prevalent!

Thanks for looking at my work!

So--here are the Top 20 Countries visiting my website, listed in order of the highest number of users:

1. US
2. United Kingdom
3. Canada
4. Australia
5. South Africa
6. United Arab Emirates
7. Philippines
8. New Zealand
9. India
10. Ireland
11. Kenya
12. Singapore
13. Hong Kong
14. Netherlands
15. Mexico
16. Japan
17. Russia
18. South Korea
19. France
20. Germany

And coming in at numbers 106-110, also still special, we have...

106. Tunisia
107. Tanzania
108. Uganda
109. St. Vincent and Grenadines
110. Kosovo

Thanks to each visitor!

Share your thoughts: What country are you from? How did you find my website? Were you surprised at any of the countries listed here?