Show your talent and win a personalized monologue written for you, and a signed copy of my new play!


Record yourself performing one of the listed monologues and you'll be entered to win a personalized monologue written by me for you, as well as a signed copy of my new play!

Have you always wanted a personalized monologue about...say...your dog? Or that cereal that you love (or hate) to eat? An incident from camp? A moment when you realized you "liked" someone?  Well, now you can get that personalized monologue written for you!

With the recent publication of my new one-act comedy, Christmas Superpowers and Believing in Blitzen, comes a slew of new monologues written for young actors. This play has over a dozen new monologues, and if you get your own copy, I'll also send you a document with the monologues extracted for easy perusal (I also take out a bit of dialogue to create a few more monologues). So why not have some fun with all the monologues and show off your fabulous acting talent!

So how do you win a monologue written for you? As well as a signed copy of my new play? Enter this contest--you can be any age (not just kids!), and have fun with it!  Here are the details. Simply:

1) Pick one of the monologues from the play, Christmas Superpowers and Believing in Blitzen. I list 4 below to choose from, but you can also pick a different monologue from the play, as well.
2) Email me to say you'd like to participate, and then I'll confirm.
3) Record a video of yourself performing the monologue (by "performing," I just mean showcasing it. You don't need to be on stage, on set or have any audience.). Make sure you give proper writing credit (For example: Post in writing something like: "'Begging Blitzen' monologue by Tara Meddaugh performed by Sue Smith." When you perform a monologue, as you would in an audition, you'd say, "My name is Sue Smith and I'm performing 'Begging Blitzen' from 'Christmas Superpowers and Believing in Blitzen' by Tara Meddaugh." Kids--if you don't want to use your last name publicly, just list your first name)
4a) Post the video on twitter with #meddaughmonologue and @t_meddaugh
OR if you don't have twitter:
4b) Email me a link to the video online.

Complete this before December 15, 2015, and I will announce the winner (chosen at random) by December 20.

What you'll win: 1) You'll get a monologue written for you (you can choose what it's about!), 2) a signed copy of my new play, Christmas Superpowers and Believing in Blitzen, and 3) the chance to be featured in my e-newsletter too!

Kids--make sure you get permission from your parent/guardian and copy them on the email to me.

Email me with questions--and have fun!!

Okay--here are the monologues:

SAM: Well—what you’re forgetting—I mean—think about it—what you’re forgetting is that, is that, is that, shepherds weren’t neat. They didn’t, like, have a washing machine or something.  They were out in the dirt with the sheep and stuff and probably had to, I don’t know, like, sleep in a mud puddle sometimes? If it was raining? And Mrs. Wendell told us to really try to think like our character, like, what would a shepherd be doing if he was just out there with the sheep all day? So...Click for more.

LAUREN: You did a really bad job last year. I know I’m just a kid, and I know they say what you do is hard, but I mean, I could have done a way better job. And I’m not even a teenager.  Like, here’s a tip. Girls like to build things too. Okay?  If you knew me at all, you’d know that...Click for more.

DYLAN: I really don’t think it’s too much to ask. I’ve done everything you told me to in your letter last year. I’ve stopped hitting my little brother. I don’t complain—very much—when I have to do homework. I even donated seven toys to Goodwill yesterday ‘cause Mom said I didn’t have enough room for anything more. So I’m ready, Santa. I’m only asking you for one thing this year. And you can try...Click for more.

ANNIE: Hey…you’re magical, right?  Like, you don’t have wings, I know that. But I know you fly. I’ve seen you on Christmas Eve.  Plus, I think I saw you practicing your route on Thanksgiving night—right before we met. And, you talk, which has got to be magical because I keep talking to Bilbo—you know, my golden retriever—and he never talks back. Most of the time, I don’t think he even understands me except when I said “go for a walk." Click for more.

Share your thoughts: Which monologue do you enjoy most? How do you decide which monologue is a good fit for you? What tips do you have for recording yourself performing a monologue?