Star-Wars Themed Movie Theater in Nebraska: The Death Star Awaits you...

Okay, so as much as I love theatre, obviously--I also make time for good theater, as in, the ole fashioned moving pictures kind. And if you can throw in a novelty space for watching those moving pictures...? I mean, come on, how can a geek like me say no?

Well, I can say no because I don't live in Omaha, Nebraska, but if I did, you can bet I'd be taking a trip to the Alamo Drafthouse's new theater, all decked out, Star-Wars-Style, baby. The Alamo chain is cool enough that it already serves you dinner off of a menu, but now it gives you the chance to sit in the emperor's throne and turn on a death star!  A Death Star, I say!

This is a permanent installation, and dude, check out these pictures!

Not sure where you'll be seeing the new Star Wars movie in a few weeks, but for those lucky SW fans in Omaha (or really anyone looking for a unique movie experience), I bet the Alamo is going to be pretty darn busy serving their beer and pizzas and never-ending popcorn bowls.

Pictures courtesy of Variety, EW, and The Alamo Drafthouse.

Share your thoughts: Have you been to a themed movie-theater? What was your experience like? Do you like eating dinners while watching movies at the Alamo? Would you go to a theater like this?