Share your Magical Leap Day Adventures: February Newsletter

Happy Leap Day!

What magical adventure have you had today on this bonus day of the year? Ladies, have you asked someone to marry you on Feb 29 (you'll have a long marriage!)? Have you seen Leap Day Williams hovering around the waters (30-Rock style)? Have you buried a coin near a rainbow's end waiting for its pay-off on St. Patrick's Day? Have you...checked out a new play written by Tara Meddaugh?

Okay, even if you haven't experienced the first few adventures, you can certainly experience the last! Check out The Beanstalk, my new 10-minute play for 2 actors (and its related monologue here). You can also try out my new dramatic monologue, "Covering My Ears."
And enjoy one actor's rendition of my comedic monologue, "A Donut Daydream."

Have a fantastic week and Happy Creating!

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