July 2016 Newsletter from Tara Meddaugh

Check out my latest newsletter in full here. Intro below:

Welcome Summer!

Here in New York State, we're finally wildly into summer!  Strawberries taste good again, the smell of sunscreen abounds, and we're getting some Vitamin D from the great outdoors at last. Whether you're in a theatre camp, a theatre production, or just doing some summer theatre reading, 'tis the season to immerse yourself in Shakespeare, a great musical or an undiscovered new play.

While you're at it, check out my new comedic monologue, "A Waste of a Totally Good Jelly Bean" (are you a "chocolate pudding" or "tutti fruiti" fan?).  Learn about actor Billy Vale's first place win at a MonologueSlam in England, using my monologue, "Ipad Fury."  And after reading an excerpt to Black and White and Red All Over (below), discover answers to the FAQ about this absurdist play.

However you end up spending your summer days (or winter days to my friends in the opposite hemisphere), I hope you enjoy the season to the fullest.

Have a fantastic week and Happy Creating!