"Claire, My Eclair": A new comedic/dramatic monologue

Okay, we all make mistakes. But some mistakes are, well, quite a bit bigger than others...Check out my new comedic/dramatic monologue in which Andres begs his ex-girlfriend to forgive him of one of those big "mistakes," and maybe, just maybe, consider taking him back. After all, he did what he did for...love?

This 1 minute monologue has a teen version (click here), as well as an adult version (click here) (nothing R-rated in the adult version--it just has different references).


Claire, Claire—my éclair…My chocolatey, sweet treat, my—okay, okay! I’ll stop!  Don’t leave!  I won’t call you that. I guess—I don’t deserve to call you that, do I? You’re not my—you’re not my éclair now. Not anymore. I’m just—if you’re sweet then I’m, I’m a—a—a—a Tylenol, like when you chew it up. All bitter and gross. That’s me. I know it, Claire. I’m a gross chewed up Tylenol, and you don’t deserve that. Why would you talk to me? Why would you even look at me after what I did?


But you do look at me. And that’s just because—that’s just because you’re so perfect. You’re like, the most incredible person in the world, and I was so lucky for those two months to be part of such an incredible person’s life. 


And, I want you to know, I mean, I hope you already do—but…I know I messed up.  You trusted me and I...End of excerpt.  Click here for the teen monologue Claire, My Eclair. Click here for the adult monologue, Claire, My Eclair.