New Dark Comedy Teen Monologue: Tiramisu Vaping

Check out Tiramisu Vaping, my new dark comedy teen monologue for a female (or male) actor. This runs 1.5-2 minutes, on average. In the monologue, Emma makes a case to her mother of why vaping is actually a far less selfish habit than previous generations, and how her generation has taken serious steps to think of others, as well as the whole planet.


How can you possibly say that I’m selfish for vaping? I mean, I think, seriously, we’re the first generation who is not being selfish. We’re like, for real, using stainless steel thermoses which is even better than recycling. And you know, my friends and I started that anti-bullying workshop when we were 10—not for us, but for the little kids. Vaping is like—oh, it’s so frustrating talking to you!—vaping is like thinking about others. You know? Like, I’m thinking about you, Mom. And I’m thinking about Lucas and even random people on the street. I’m thinking about the whole world. I mean, the whole world! I’m not polluting, Mom! I’m not giving you or kids at the park cancer. Like, your generation didn’t care about that. Okay, I know, restaurants used to allow smoking and they stopped, but, I mean, this is much bigger than that. This is like, letting us be independent and try cool flavors like Tiramisu—you know I love tiramisu—but without the fat! I mean, I haven’t gained any weight since I started vaping. And it’s like...Click for the entire free Tiramisu Vaping monologue.