New teen/preteen dramatic monologue: A Life Spurred into Meaningful Adventure

Check out my new dramatic teen/young adult monologue, excerpted from the play A Life Spurred into Meaningful Adventure. Goldilocks and Little Bear have set off, away from the bears' home, to start an adventure of their own. But as they realize they don't know where they are going or even how to make a shelter, Goldilocks wonders if she did the right thing in pulling Little Bear away from his loving family.



I…I don’t know where we’re going…We know your parents don’t accept me in your house.  And…I don’t have much of a home to offer you.


You can go back, Little Bear. If you want to.  I mean—I’d understand.  You have a family that loves you.  You’re not like me. And…I don’t want you to become like me. Bears—They’re—they’re not meant to sleep in beds. But—look, maybe I’m not meant to be scavenging a forest for berries, and yet—this is where I am.  And…this is my life.  This is my adventure…but it doesn’t have to be yours....END OF EXCERPT

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