New Dark Comedy Monologue: What I Did Before Bingo

If you’re looking for a dark comedy/dramatic monologue with a unique story, check out What I Did Before Bingo, from the full-length play, Free Space. Free Space is a dark comedy where canneries become bingo halls, mothers become sisters, and bingo chips give orders! Yes, it sounds weird (and it kind of is!), but Amelia is relatable in her desire to find her place and meaning in a cold world. Free Space, is a fast, funny “page turner,” and keeps the audience on the edge of their seat. It’s fun to act in, direct and design!

This free monologue, What I Did Before Bingo, is written for a female character, but the monologue is suitable for any gender, teen through young adult. It is somewhat dramatic, with pensive moments, but also has an eerie darkly comedic side, as, well, since the main character is hearing a bingo chip talk to her! In the monologue, Amelia has been fired from her volunteer position helping out at Bingo Night at the local community center. When she returns home, her mother wrestles away all of her precious bingo chips and she is forced to sleep on the living room floor. Dejected, Amelia hears the voice of the one bingo chip who got away…This chip offers just the encouragement and hope Amelia needs to venture into starting the next chapter of her life—her own Bingo Game.

Check out the 2.5 minute version of this monologue here, or check out the 1 minute version of the monologue here.

Enjoy the excerpt, and you can click at the end to get a free full digital copy of the monologue. To learn more about Amelia and her story, you can get the play, Free Space, from which the monologue is extracted.


Yes, I think I understand Bingo more than them too. I’m glad you noticed. Some of them still think that if you’re prettier or smarter or people like you more—that you have a better chance of winning…But you don’t. (pause) Well, it’s hard to remember really, what I did before Bingo. I know I just saw it last week, but I guess I didn’t really do too much before it. I just…I stared out the window with my mother…but besides that….oh—I guess I used to look at the stars by myself sometimes. Is that doing something? (pause) Because if I squinted my eyes hard enough, I could see myself on one of those stars. And I’d—END OF EXCERPT
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To learn more about Amelia and her story, check out the full-length play, Free Space!

Click below for a digital copy of the complete play, Free Space