New Christmas-themed comedic children's monologue: Shepherd Superheroes

Here is a new children's monologue for a male actor ages 5-12 years old (but this role can be played by female actors too). It's comedic, under 2 minutes, and themed around Christmas. I have several more Christmas-themed children's monologues that will be available in my next edition of Memorable Monologues for Actors (note that the link is to my current edition--not the new one), which is due out in late 2015 or early 2016.


By Tara Meddaugh

© 2015

AARON, a boy, 5-12 years old, is playing the part of a shepherd in a Christmas Pageant. It is the night of the performance and he, along with other shepherds, have been playing outside in the mud in their costumes...

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