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 F is For Friendship
A dark comedy/dramatic/thriller/teen monologue
By Tara Meddaugh
Age range: teen-young adult
Running time: approximately 1 minute
Description: Michelle is having a casual conversation with fellow mean girl, Alicia. Alicia has complimented Michelle’s nails and shoes, but for some reason, Michelle isn’t buying it. She’s not buying it because Michelle has just beaten up Alicia and Michelle is now holding a gun. Michelle is sick of Alicia’s back-stabbing and the way she treats other people and she has been trying to purge the high school of mean girls, just like Alicia.

*Contains mature language in the pdf purchase of monologue, although substitutions are also included as an alternative. For the website excerpt, only the substitutions are written (no mature language)



Now you’ll talk to me, right? Now you’ll smile…and tell me you like my shoes and My God, did I do my nails myself because they’re so perfect? 


You little back-stabbing snob.


Your voice is a little shaky, you see. So I don’t know if I should believe you. 

(playing with gun)

Because my nails are actually chipping, Alicia.  See?—END OF EXCERPT

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F For Friendship
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