New dark comedy/thriller monologue: F For Friendship

If you’re searching for a dark comedy/thriller monologue that is only 1 minute long, for teens to young adults, check out this monologue, F For Friendship. In it, Michelle, holding a gun in her hand, rates the friendship of fellow mean-girl, Alicia. And Alicia is not scoring well…

*Note that in this monologue, there is some mature language. In the digital copy of the monologue, there is alternate language offered as a substitute. This web excerpt contains the altered non-mature language.



Now you’ll talk to me, right? Now you’ll smile…and tell me you like my shoes and my God, did I do my nails myself because they’re so perfect?  (pause) You little back-stabbing snob. (pause) Your voice is a little shaky, you see. So I don’t know if I should believe you.  (playing with gun) Because my nails are actually chipping, Alicia.  See?—END OF EXCERPT

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F For Friendship
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