New dramatic/thriller monologue: Buddy's Mommy

If you’re searching for a dark, dramatic or thriller monologue for a female (in time for Halloween!), check out Buddy’s Mommy. In this 2-minute monologue, amidst the sounds of sirens drawing near, Cali imparts her final motherly words to her young son, Buddy. She hopes he will remember her for the strong love she has for him, not for the gruesome murders he’s going to soon hear about…

Check out an excerpt below: 


They’re gonna paint me as some psycho, you hear me? They’re gonna say I’m crazy and out of my mind, and some are gonna say I’m evil. Because when you look at what I did, on paper, okay?—I’m talking on paper, it might look that way. Are you listening? Ignore those sirens. You gotta listen, Buddy, you gotta hear me because I’m not gonna be able to talk to you for a while. Okay? On paper, it might look one way, but paper’s just—it’s just a scrap of a dead tree, right?  There’s no feeling in that. A person is not a piece of paper. So when you hear them say those silly things, you remember what I’m telling you now. Okay?  I’m not crazy. I mean, I’m crazy with love for you, but you know, that’s not a bad thing. Crazy love, mad love, love love love love love!


Buddy, move away from the window. Don’t let those sirens distract you. Look at me, honey. You gotta remember that it was those other people who pushed me, right? Who pushed us? I’m going to—END OF EXCERPT

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