New dark comedy/dramatic monologue: Rachel's monologue from Seventeen Stitches

Check out this newly released dark comedy/dramatic monologue for a teen/young adult, from my one-act play, Seventeen Stitches. Rachel and Peter are standing in a kind of vortex-like line, Rachel recounts toPeter, how she first met him. It all started at the teeter-totter…

Seventeen Stitches: Rachel’s Monologue


We weren’t in the same class, but we had recess together. Play time. I’m Rachel. You’re Peter, right? I remember the name of someone who saved me. I was on the teeter totter with Becky Hill—she was really big, remember? She was my age—maybe six, or whatever age you are in first grade.  I think she weighed over a hundred pounds already. I weighed maybe 40, or whatever you’re supposed to weigh at that age. Hey, are you crying? I’m telling you the tale of why I know you and I really think you ought to be listening to me. So maybe Becky didn’t like me because I stuttered when I read Dr. Seuss, or she was jealous that I still wore kids’ t-shirts or maybe she didn’t like me because I was just who she didn’t want to like—I don’t know. But when I was way up high and she was way down low, when her totter was touching the pavement, she—END OF EXCERPT

Click for the free monologue, Seventeen Stitches: Rachel’s monologue.

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