THE DOG TOENAIL (excerpt from Free Space)
Cast: MALE (female)
Age range: 14-30 years old
Description: Ricky is a hardworking, kind and straight-forward young man at the local cannery.  When Amelia comes to visit him, she confesses to a mistake her family has made.  Ricky attempts to make her feel better about this.



Mistakes happen though.  To you and your mom, and it happened here at the cannery once—a lady came in a few months ago and said that she found a dog toenail in her can of corn!  And that was not on the label.   She was gonna sue us or something, but then the foreman gave her a free case full of canned corn and also some canned peas, because she said she really liked peas a lot better than corn anyway.  I told her if she just got the canned peas instead of the corn in the first place, she wouldn’ta had this problem and it woulda saved her some time that morning.  CLICK FOR COMPLETE THE DOG TOENAIL MONOLOGUE