Consider My Monologues and 10-minute Plays for Your Competition

'Tis the season for competitions of all sorts! I've been getting a lot of emails about Forensics Competitions, Acting Tournaments, Beauty Pageants, Speech Days, Thespians Festivals and more. If your competition requires a 10-minute play or a monologue, consider my repertoire for a memorable piece that is fun to perform. As always, send me a note to request permission of use.

Click here for 10-minute plays. You can find brief descriptions, excerpts and links to download the entire play. Most plays are for 2 people, but I have a few for 3-5 actors, as well.

My plays are unique. They're not a standard drama or comedy (although you could classify them as one or the other if you need to). They mix forms, they're theatrical, they're sometimes a little (or a lot) weird. But they go to the base of human emotions. They all have important stakes, they all have drama, and they all have great parts for actors.

These plays can have a minimal set which gives the impression of a location. Nothing elaborate is needed, so actors can focus on acting!

Click here for an overview of all of my monologues. My monologues give range, versatility, and often have interesting twists toward the end. They're contemporary/modern, and they are rich for actors to explore.

Dramatic Monologues: Great for showcasing your deeper side! In addition to strictly dramatic pieces, I have quite a few dark comedy monologues which mix the dramatic or chilling with some humor, as well.

Comedic Monologues: The humor comes from the character, but these monologues usually have some nice moments of poignancy too, so they offer a bit more than simply a funny monologue. There are some dark comedies too, so if you're looking to make someone laugh, as well as cringe or have a wave of sadness wash over them, explore these monologues (specified in genre as "dark comedy").

Teen Monologues: If you're a teen, you can look specifically at Teen Monologues, which encompass both dramatic and comedic monologues.

Children's Monologues:  If you're looking for a monologue for a child actor, you can look specifically for Children's Monologues, which also encompass dramatic and comedic monologues

When you find the monologue or 10-minute play that suits you, send me a note to request permission of use. Then rehearse (make sure to give writing credit), show your friends, classmates or colleagues, and enjoy!

If you want to post a video of your performance online, make sure to ask permission for that, and to include proper writing credit in the title and/or details (“The Monologue” by Tara Meddaugh, performed by Jane Smith). Please link back to my website also, so it can encourage others to check out my work, and people can see where the monologue comes from originally. Otherwise, my work ends up being plagiarized on some Turkish soap opera website or someone credits Disney for writing one of my children's monologues (yes--both things have happened—and lots more like that!). Thanks for the support, and "break a leg!"

Share your thoughts: How do you decide on the right piece for a competition? What are some of your fun experiences in competing? Do you have a favorite piece?