New dramatic monologue for children, teens, adults

Enjoy this new dramatic monologue, ranging in actor age from 12 to mature adult. It is relatively short (averaging under 2 minutes), and allows for great range in how you decide to play it. Great for competitions, auditions, videos and performances.

Setting: A bathroom
Age Range: 12-70+

Description: Whitney is in the bathroom, envisioning the calmness, peace and escape covering her ears in the shower gives her, before the abrupt harshness of reality comes when she uncovers her ears.

Excerpt from the monologue, "Covering My Ears"


I cover my ears in the shower. I stand there—letting the water drip down my hair, my back. I turn into it. It flows down my face. It’s loud. Not like thunder. It’s…it’s…peaceful. Like…I’m swimming under water, in a lake, it’s dark and the rain is pouring down. It’s loud under water. But it’s quiet. Muffled.  Calm. There are no problems under water. There is no yelling. No hurt. No pain. Everything is erased. And no one knows me.  What I’ve done. What’s been done to me. I’m nothing under the water. And nothing is…freeing. To me.
I uncover my ears.

I have to. I know I can’t stand like this forever.
And when I do--…Click below for the complete monologue of "Covering My Ears"

Covering My Ears, monologue
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