New comedic/dramatic 10-minute play for 2 actors

Check out my new 10-minute play, A Life Spurred into Meaningful Adventure--great for production, festivals, and competitions. It's for 2 young adults, teens or children actors and casts a new light on the whole Goldilocks story...What if Goldilocks and Little Bear were friends? And had been friends for a long time before the famous porridge/chair/bed incident that got her kicked out? What would happen to their friendship when she is kicked out? Would they see each other again? And if so...where would they go?

You can browse the details of the play, read an excerpt, or get a digital copy of the play. Let me know if you have any questions, and as always, contact me for permission to perform. Enjoy!

A Life Spurred into Meaningful Adventure
A ten-minute play
Cast: 1 f/1 m, or 2 females
Set: A forest, minimal
Genre: Comedy/Drama/Children/Teen
Description: When Goldilocks and Little Bear find themselves alone in the forest, they must decide if they will embark on a new future together.

CLICK for an excerpt of A Life Spurred into Meaningful Adventure.

CLICK for the complete downloadable version of A Life Spurred into Meaningful Adventure.