"A Waste of a Totally Good Jelly Bean" - Performed by Six Actors

Check out these performances of my monologue, "A Waste of a Totally Good Jelly Bean."  Starting at only four years old, these actors display their own unique take (and talent!) in bringing this monologue to life! Enjoy!

Teyanah Sanders is 4 years old here.  She has wanted to act since she was only 2 or 3!  And while she's not even in school yet, she has already acted in commercials, attends Improv classes, and is preparing for a Junior Miss North Hollywood pageant this Spring! Oh, and she loves syrup on pancakes, and shopping with her mom!

Taliyah Artis is only 8 here, but she has already modeled, and had roles in commercials and short films! Besides acting, she designs clothes, loves Math, volunteers at the Human Society and her favorite food is crabs!

At 11, Kashvi has been writing songs, stories and poems for years. She's performed in numerous plays/musicals and is rehearsing for a double role in an opera that will be featured at Carnegie Hall in the Spring. Her dream is to be a multifaceted entertainer!

Lucas is 9 years old here, and he enjoys learning new things, exploring the world, all things Ancient Egyptian, and of course, being dramatic!

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