Unknown Playwrights Feature of my dark comedy monologue, "March in Line"

It’s so much fun to see wildly different interpretations of the same monologue, right? Yet within all the differences, it’s telling to find the commonalities that run throughout. Unknown Playwrights Monologue Monday series does a great job of showcasing new monologues, and then compiling an A-Z video list of actors performing the piece. You can see three videos below of actors performing my monologue, March in Line, just to show how very different they can be!

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Interview with Monologue Slam Winner, Billy Vale

Billy Vale was thrilled when he heard his name called as the Youth Round Winner of the MonologueSlam UK Birmingham. My monologue, "Ipad Fury,"was the first monologue he had performed, but his talent was clear, and his performance appreciated by the judges and audience alike...

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Meet the Winner!

I recently had the pleasure to e-meet the winner of my Christmas Superpowers and Believing in Blitzen Monologue Contest, and this is one talented young actor! Ryan Henzi is from Ankeny, Iowa; he's 10 years old and he's been acting for years already!  Now you can get to know this budding young actor too, and take a look at his great video performance of "Shepherd Superheroes."...

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Contest Winners Announced!

Thank you for participating in my Christmas Superpowers and Believing in Blitzen Monologue Contest! I was truly impressed by the talent of the submissions! Thank you for taking the time to perform and record these monologues—you all did a terrific job! ...

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Captivating performance of my monologue, "I am a Shark"

Check out this performance of my monologue, "I am a Shark." Antonio De Matteo clearly knows how to captivate an audience with his tone and his eyes. I found myself mesmerized just watching him.

Share your thoughts! Have you performed this monologue with a different interpretation?  How powerful do you find it when an actor looks directly into the camera? Looks away from the camera? What are ways you can be effective using only your face and voice?