Meet the Winner!

I recently had the pleasure to e-meet the winner of my Christmas Superpowers and Believing in Blitzen Monologue Contest, and this is one talented young actor! Ryan Henzi is from Ankeny, Iowa; he's 10 years old and he's been acting for years already!  Now you can get to know this budding young actor too, and take a look at his great video performance of "Shepherd Superheroes."

Tell me about your background in acting and theatre. Have you been in any plays? How did you get interested in acting?
My mom really encouraged me to do my first audition and I got the part of David in the Best Christmas Pageant Ever. I fell in love with acting that very first play and want to do as many as I can.  I have also been James in James in the Giant Peach, Gavroche in Les Mis, Jester in Once Upon A Mattress, Subar-Tu in Mulan, and the Eaglet in Alice in Wonderland.

What are your favorite subjects in school?
My favorite subjects in school are music and science.

Favorite extra-curricular activity?
Mostly theater.

Do you have a favorite book?
My favorite book is Belly Up Steward Gibbs because I really love mysteries. 

What's your favorite board game?
My favorite board game is chess.

Have you read any plays?
The only plays I have read are the ones that I have performed.  I loved them all, but my favorite by a small margin was Alice in Wonderland.

How did you prepare for this monologue, "Shepherd Superheroes"?
I memorized it in three parts and this one was easy because I could really get in to character (Sam is a lot like me).

Have you seen any live plays? Any favorites?
I have seen many many live plays, even before I can remember them.  Some at large theaters, some at really small ones, and even a Shakespeare play outside. Wicked was one of my favorites. 

How do you think theatre is different from watching a movie?
Theater makes you feel like you are a part of it. 

Thank you, Ryan, for being a part of this contest, and sharing your performance with all of us! Now, take a look at his talented rendition of Sam, from Christmas Superpowers and Believing in Blitzen: