Contest Winners Announced!

Thank you for participating in my Christmas Superpowers and Believing in Blitzen Monologue Contest! I was truly impressed by the talent of the submissions! Thank you for taking the time to perform and record these monologues—you all did a terrific job!  I am happy to announce the winner of the 2015 Monologue Contest is Ryan Henzi, performing "Shepherd Superheroes." He will receive a signed copy of my play, as well as a monologue written especially for him, and a special feature you can read here. Congratulations, Ryan! 

I am also happy to announce 3 honorable mentions, and these participants will each receive a signed copy of the play, as well:
Mia J. performing "Shepherd Superheroes"
Primo D. performing "Christmas Superpowers"
Danielle Freitas performing "Begging Blitzen"
Congratulations, Primo, Danielle and Mia! Thank you once again for your submissions and impressive work.

I look forward to hearing from all of you as your careers continue.

Enjoy checking out the monologue performances below!

Ryan Henzi, 10 years old, from Ankeny, Iowa, performing "Shepherd Superheroes"--

Mia J., 8 years old, from Pittsburgh, PA, performing "Shepherd Superheroes"--

Primo D. Performing "Christmas Superpowers" --

Danielle Freitas, 15 years old, from Ecuador Performing "Begging Blitzen" --