Funny monologues about food!

Food and Humor just go together, don’t they? I don’t know why, but isn’t a scene just funnier if someone mentions cheetos or some moldy blueberries (hm…idea for a new monologue?)? Food is real, tangible, something we all know. It’s messy, it tastes good or it tastes bad, it can make you sick, it can make you choke, it can make you happy, it can distract you. It brings out jealousy, love, anger, pride, selfishness, selflessness. Food is, when it comes down to it, a really powerful tool in life that fuels a lot of heavy emotion! So, of course it’s dramatic! Here are ten (10) funny monologues about food! From donuts and apple pies to skittles and jelly beans (and even a dog toenail in a can of corn), check out these comedic monologues all featuring food!

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New dramatic 5-minute monologue for female actor: His First English Words

Are you ready for a little history leading up to a new 5-minute dramatic monologue? So in the early 1940s, “Victory Gardens” sprang up around the US in an effort for Americans at home to lend their support to armed forces and allies fighting overseas in WWII…
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Theater in the classroom...or sea creatures fighting over a shipwreck! 🐬 (January 2019 Newsletter)

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As soon as your baby giggles at the funny voice you make while reading to her Dr. Seuss, she is being exposed to theater. When your early reader wants to read parts with you in Piggy and Gerald, he is reading dramatically. When your older child is tearing through graphic novels, she is immersing herself in a dramatic world.

Dramatizing stories is inherently fun and natural, and can be beneficial in understanding other subjects (from history to a second language), and it can also improve the skill of reading itself.

Reader’s Theater is a play script that students read aloud together without the goal of a production, but with the purpose of improving reading skills while making it enjoyable. This process can promote fluency, confidence, creativity, empathy, oral expression and connections among peers.

I love writing theater for children and I love hearing about how you fantastic teachers and students use theater in the classroom. So I'm excited to add a new genre of 
Reader's Theater to my repetoire. Stay tuned as I will keep adding scripts for early readers up through teens. The scripts can still be used for competitions and performances, but will have a special place as Reader's Theater within the classroom.

Check out my new 
Reader's Theater play--and while we're on the subject of theater and children, you can browse a short monologue written by a 6-year-old child! 

Happy Creating!


Grinching Mom: New Children's comedic monologue by guest playwright, 6-year-old, Luke B.

If you don’t know what grinching is yet, perhaps this monologue by guest playwright, 6-year-old, Luke B., will shed some insight. In it, Max is caught red-handed taking his mom’s lamp into his room. He has a perfectly good reason for doing this, but it may not be what you think… Check out this 1-minute comedic children’s monologue, Grinching Mom. And keep reading if you want to find out a bit more about the 6-year-old boy who wrote it…

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New Comedic Children's monologue: Written by 8-year-old guest playwright

Let me tell you about a talented little boy. He's a member of the Chess Club and Computer Club at his school, participates in Engineering and Swim classes, researches the mysteries of outer space, loves to ride his bike, do gross food dares during school Lunch, read like a fiend, go on hikes, and has a blast writing and illustrating his own comic book series called "Tommy Tom Tom, Mike and Joe."...

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Poppy: The Success of a Youtube Persona-life

So she's been around a couple of years, but when NPR interviews her, you know she's made it to some sort of new level. I'm talking about Poppy. That 20-something, eerie, but empathetic blonde who occasionally resembles a slightly southern Marilyn Monroe, but, like her eyebrows, has a darker undertone, and a satiric bite about the very idea of fame which has made her famous. So who is Poppy and why do I want to take the time and space to write about her?...

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Motherhood in Theatre Forums 2017: Breaking the Silence

If you're a parent in theatre, and have encountered some challenges or figured out some solutions to this ever-present balancing act of art and children, check out this important new advocacy group touching on this not-talked-about-enough subject...

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Compassion, Empathy and Kindness: In Theatre and Beyond

Compassion and empathy are essential in theatre--from its inception at the written word to the performers, directors and production team. I love that it can be a tool used to dig into our humanity to pull out the recognition of ourselves in someone else--someone whom perhaps we never saw a connection to before. I'm not the only one who is attracted to the workings of a villain, of a hero with a fatal flaw, the person who does exactly what they should not do, but yet, we discover there is humanity beneath it all. Can this villain be redeemed? Can this villain show remorse? Could we say we would act differently if we were in that situation? If we were not only in that situation, but if we were that person?...

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Mothers In and Out of Theatre

If you're a woman in the arts (and we'll talk about theatre here), you are going to face many similar issues women in any field face, but it typically is compounded by an intimate environment, late or odd hours, no simple "Human Resources" department to turn to, and lines that blur far more easily than most fields...

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Does Your Siri Make You Smile: The Nuts and Bolts of AI Comedy

I wrote for a robot one summer during graduate school, one of about six part-time jobs I took between school years (along with university "telefunder," lab rat, health/fitness teacher to girls in the inner city, and data entrant). It was a fantastic experience to bring personality to a rudimentary AI creation and work with a team of writers and robotic engineers. Our robo-ceptionist had high hopes of becoming a lounge singer, had to navigate the world of dating a Chevy Impala, and still encountered arguments with her overbearing Motherboard--all the while having the map of the building on hand to assist visitors finding their way around the facility....

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Calvin and Hobbes: Perfect Summer Reading

I was visiting my parents' house this summer which is always bound to stir up childhood memories, but I got a special burst of elated nostalgia when my 7-year-old son came to me with a comic book of mine he found at their house entitled, Revenge of the Babysat. Now, anyone who really knows the comic I'm going to talk about will immediately know who I'm talking about, and hopefully, it will bring about a huge smile for them too. I'm talking about the namesakes of that famous theologian who gave us Reformed Protestantism (touting Predestination), and the political philosopher who gave us social contract theory--yes, I'm talking about none other than Calvin and Hobbes.

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"Forgiveness and Defeat At A Pokémon Gym": A new comedic monologue

With all the craze of the augmented reality game, Pokemon Go, I would be remiss if i didn't acknowledge its success, dramatic relevance, and at least write a little monologue about it...So consider the first two points acknowledged, and check out my pokemon-related monologue below. This 1 minute monologue contains some comedy, some romance, some lightning bolts on a bike, and of course, some pokemon drama...Read the monologue below, entitled Forgiveness and Defeat at a Pokemon Gym.

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3 Year Old Reads "Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type" by Doreen Cronin

Okay, so he's not actually reading here, but at three years old, this is as close as this little guy gets to it.  One thing I love about this is how you can hear his dramatic interpretation of the events (and even a slight southern accent for the farmer)...

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Murder Mystery Party - My night at Farthingay Manor...

So I was one of those kids. One of those kids who made a “carnival” with my brothers in our yard for the neighborhood to participate in (we’re talking carnival games, scheduled shows of magic, puppetry and science, and winning prizes from Oriental Trading and guppies from my parents’ fish tank)....

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