What I'm Watching and Why: Forever - Season 1 - from Amazon Studios

The story of breaking away from the dissatisfaction of mundane life in the suburbs is nothing novel. It’s a fairly common theme because once your life settles into its trajectory, and the basic “what happens next” questions have been answered, there can be a lull of excitement. This is why we have the age-old midlife crisis, after all. New cars, affairs, jumping out of planes—people look for thrills when life might be less thrilling. We still have the afterlife, with all its glory and excitement, to look forward to though, right? But what happens when the afterlife is no more exciting than your current living life? What happens when you join the afterlife only to find there is no one to even address the “meaning of life” questions? What happens when you escape all of this earth-living to only find that in the afterlife, you still have to cook chicken, mow your lawn, and drawers get stuck. But there is no death in sight this time. This is forever. (And this is… “Forever.”)

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