Unknown Playwrights Feature of my dark comedy monologue, "March in Line"

It’s so much fun to see wildly different interpretations of the same monologue, right? Yet within all the differences, it’s telling to find the commonalities that run throughout. Unknown Playwrights Monologue Monday series does a great job of showcasing new monologues, and then compiling an A-Z video list of actors performing the piece. My monologue, March in Line, was recently featured in the Monologue Monday series, and you can check out several video performances from the link (I have 3 below). March in Line is a dark comedy/drama for a male or female actor. From Monologue Mondays:

This monologue is an interestingly bizarre (or bizarrely interesting?) piece about a would-be drum major who is lining up an army of stuffed animals, ostensibly to pl[a]y their instruments but she does mention marching “to their deaths” which takes the monologue to a very interesting direction.

Thanks for the shout-out, and you can check out prolific playwright and blogger Bryan Stubbles’ work here.

Below, enjoy a few variations of my monologue—from a woman who became a professional actor at age 77 to a 9-year-old child, and a young adult. Which resonates with you?