Motherhood in Theatre Forums 2017: Breaking the Silence

If you're a parent in theatre, and have encountered some challenges or figured out some solutions to this ever-present balancing act of art and children, check out this important new advocacy group touching on this not-talked-about-enough subject. Founded by artist and mom, Rachel Spencer Hewitt, Parent Artist Advocacy League (PAAL) for the Performing Arts is "a collective of individuals and theatre organizations committed to family-friendly practices in the theatre."

[PAAL is] a national network and resource hub built to stimulate conversation that breaks barriers and stigmas of parenthood in the theatre arts while promoting and generating solutions and initiatives. [Its mission is] to empower and advocate for the parent-artist, both employee and freelance, in collaboration with theatre organizations in order to raise awareness of parent artist obstacles in the theatre and create work-life balance interventions, healthy work culture, stable protocols, and accessible pathways to employment. (

Now, PAAL is hosting its first series of forums, entitled, Motherhood in Theatre: Breaking the Silence. You can attend these free upcoming forums (including free childcare--they practice what they preach!) in the cities below:

Philadelphia, PA: June 10, Second Stage At The Adrienne
Monclair, NJ: June 11, UU Congregation at Montclair
New York, NY: June 12, Manhattan Theatre Club

I'll be at the NYC forum, and look forward to discussing, sharing, learning, empathizing, and working toward positive changes to ensure theatre increases inclusion for these much-needed voices.

Thanks, Rachel, for bringing this issue to the forefront and your amazing work to put all of this together (while still being a mom and artist, among many other outfits!)!