6 Great Plays for Halloween

If you’re looking for an eerie, creepy or thriller play in the spirit of Halloween, check out these plays that just might give you a chill or two! From the witch in that gingerbread house, to a mysterious heart, a domineering bingo chip, a lust for human hair—and more—enjoy these unique and darkly comedic plays by Tara Meddaugh.

6 Great Plays for Halloween

The Witch in the Gingerbread House: A one-act dark comedy/thriller/drama for 2 male, 2 female, 2 children (or adults playing children)
After giving up her dreary home at The Witches' Estate in search of warmth and sweetness, Delphine creates a new life for herself on the outskirts of a busy village. She builds a beautiful and welcoming gingerbread house to live in, and opens her home and treats to the children of the village.  Despite her openness, the children return her kindness with mischief and terrorism.  Delphine’s giving spirit retreats, and she draws upon her witch’s disposition to survive.  But when she finds two strange and other-worldly children, named Hansel and Gretel, gnawing at the icing on her house, her true nature is put to the test--and her life changes once again.

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Seventeen Stitches: A one-act dark comedy/drama/thriller for 1 male and 1 female.

Two teenagers meet in a vortex-like space between opposing lines of people. While Rachel is simply passing the time before she returns to her place in line, Peter has stepped out of his line in protest. As the lines begin to close in on them, he must make a life-altering decision by choosing to continue forging his path in his father’s line, or join the haunting allure of Rachel’s line, the “line of diamonds.”

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Black and White and Red All Over: A full-length dark comedy/thriller/absurd play for 6 female, 6 male (flexible cast)

A frivolous couple passes the time by hiring and firing servants, and reading old newspapers they deem to be the current. But when the Wife wants more out of her life, she charges her Husband with a perilous task... Meanwhile, four eclectic strangers wind up secretly waiting together in this couple's bathroom. When they discover the reasons they have all been put together, the absurdities and danger of their situation become alarmingly clear.

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Free Space: A dark comedy/absurd/thriller full-length play for 3 females, 1 male

Amelia spends her days under the watchful eye of her mother, doing the same nothing she has done for years. Yet when Bingo arrives at her local community center, a talking Bingo chip convinces Amelia that forming her own game is the way out of this life and away from her controlling mother. However, as her mother begins acting like her newly arrived sister, and the chip becomes increasingly dominating, Amelia discovers her new life is nothing as she imagined.

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Pinhole of Joy: A full-length absurd/dark comedy/thriller play for 2 females and 2 males.

When David gives his ill wife, Leah, a wig for her bald scalp, he is thrilled to find this pleases her, so he complies with her request for more of them. However, as Leah’s demands become increasingly troublesome, and loose human hair with mysterious “red dots” now engulfs their entire apartment, David must decide how far he is willing to go to satisfy his wife.

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Pinhole of Joy
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Knocking Louder
An absurd/dark comedy 10-minute play for 3 females. Cast: 3 female (all female cast)

Carol adores, but neglects, the newborn baby placed in her custody. When her sister, Lilah, insists the baby be returned to his mother, Carol takes extreme measures to ensure she keep the infant.

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