10 Creepy Monologues for Halloween

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If you’re looking for some eerie or dark monologues in the spirit of Halloween, check out these creepy monologues!

10 Creepy Monologues for Halloween

F For Friendship: Michelle, holding a gun in her hand, rates the friendship of fellow mean-girl, Alicia. And Alicia is not scoring well…

Disappointing Hell: Van has an altercation with his stuck-up soul which lands him in…well…Hell.

Shelley Knows: In this monologue, Louise, riddled with guilt after murdering Shelley in a fit of passion, fears this friend may be coming for her, from beyond the grave…

Buddy’s Mommy: Buddy’s mommy imparts important last words to her son before the sounds of sirens get too loud…

Locking the Store: Clark is painfully smitten with Grace, a customer who has come into his gift shop. Now he just needs to convince her to tune the rest of the world out.

Seventeen Stitches, Rachel’s monologue: Rachel reminds Peter how they first met. It involved a teeter-totter, a mean girl, and a punch in the gut.

Dinner at Canale’s: Vicky implores her husband to not confess to his cheating. If he does, she might be tempted to use the weapon lying on the table…

I’m Your Frankenstein: Joe is drawn to his creation, a horrid mass of blood and muscles.

Remove the Rock, Please: What happens when the town mayor ignores Ashley’s sensible request? She winds up with blood on her Banana Republic dress, that’s what.

A Dad’s Defense: Okay, this one is not creepy, but it is a dad getting caught stealing his kid’s halloween candy!