New teen comedic monologue: Those Jimmy Choo Shoes

Those jimmy choo shoes.png

We all know high school is not easy. But it’s especially difficult when you have a classmate making your life miserable! Find out how Sarah handles her resident mean girl in this new free monologue, Those Jimmy Choo Shoes. This comedic/dramatic monologue runs about 1 minute long, and is great for teens and young adults.

SARAH is at the principal’s office. She implores the principal to understand all of the terrible things that Madison has done to her, and how it has logically led to Sarah’s hitting Madison in the face with one of her Jimmy Choo shoes.



You wanna know why I did it, I get it. But really, there are hundreds of reasons, so it’s more like, why didn’t I do it sooner? Madison is always, like, shoving those bags that cost a thousand dollars or whatever, like, shoving them on my desk when she walks by, and telling me about how she’s donating her Jimmy Choo shoes to the thrift shop and maybe I can afford them there. She also flirts with my dad. Did you know that? When he picks me up from school, she always finds a way to bend over, like she’s in some movie. And, she invited all the girls in our grade to the spa—except me. They went in a hot and cold sauna. I could—really, I keep going, but the last thing she did, right before I got called to your office—and I hope, like, I hope all of this makes sense to you now—END OF EXCERPT

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