New 10-minute play for 1 male, 1 female: Ruth and Harry & The Dinner Party

Ruth and Harry & The Dinner Party, image.png

Check out my new dramatic/comedic 10-minute play for 1 female and 1 male actor, Ruth and Harry & The Dinner Party. While preparing for a dinner party, Ruth reveals a well-kept secret to her husband which jeopardizes their future as a family.

This 2-hander is perfect for competitions, duo interp, and performances. The characters are in their 20s, but could be played by teens through adults. This has excellent roles for the two actors; in a short 10 minutes, they exhibit great range from comedic and light to dark and dramatic.

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Click here to view a free monologue, Freshly Squeezed, for a female actor, which is extracted/edited from this play.

This ten-minute play, Ruth and Harry & The Dinner Party, is part of a selection of short plays which comprises The Victory Garden Plays. It may be performed within the Victory Garden Plays production, or it may stand alone, as a 10-minute play, as featured here.

CLICK below for a complete digital copy of the production, The Victory Garden Plays (which includes this 10-minute play, as well as 4 other 10-minute plays, and 2 monologue plays)

The Victory Garden Plays, a full-length play in 7 parts

While soldiers fight abroad in WW2, those remaining in Westchester County strive to make a difference on the Homefront by creating Victory Gardens, supplementing limited food supply. But the pressures on the homefront extend much further than simply growing produce. A child worries her failing rooftop garden is an omen of misfortune for her father’s return from a POW camp. An infertile woman throws her purpose into feeding neighborhood families. A wealthy man whose chemical plant is commissioned by the government for war purposes struggles with how to leave a meaningful legacy not tainted with warfare. These stories, and more, are given light in The Victory Garden Plays, a series of vignettes chronicling people’s journeys with their new realities of love, growth, life and death.

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