from the one-act comedy, Christmas Superpowers and Believing in Blitzen
Cast: MALE (female)
Setting: A mall
Age range: 5-10 years old
DYLAN, a boy of 5-10 years old, sits on Santa’s lap. He’s at a mall.



I really don’t think it’s too much to ask. I’ve done everything you told me to in your letter last year. I’ve stopped hitting my little brother. I don’t complain—very much—when I have to do homework. I even donated seven toys to Goodwill yesterday ‘cause Mom said I didn’t have enough room for anything more. So I’m ready, Santa. I’m only asking you for one thing this year. And you can try to steer me away from it all you want by telling me about how you made a new truck this year and how I can do hundreds of things with a big set of blocks and how there are some funny books out there you know I’ll like. But it won’t stop me from asking for it. It’s why I’ve been so good this year and why I know you’re going to listen to me.  So I’ll tell you again.

(leans it)

I want a Super-Power Machine that will make me fast like The Flash and create force fields like the Green Lantern and make me fly like Superman. Or one of your reindeers.


It’s not too much to ask.

(hops off his lap)

I look forward to Christmas morning.

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