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The Items Forgotten
a 5-minute play by Tara Meddaugh
Published in Five-Minute Plays, Applause Acting

Cast: 2 actors (1 female, 1 male)
Genre: drama, comedy
Set: On a porch of a house on a cold day
Length: 5-minutes
Description: Locked out of their house for the third time this week, Travis and Kira search for their spare key on their porch, and begin questioning their relationship (and state of mind)!

Click here for an excerpt to The Items Forgotten.

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A five-minute play for children

Cast: 2 females
Genre: Comedy/Drama/Children's
Set: A bus stop
Description: While Megan and Kel are waiting for their school bus to arrive, Megan challenges Kel to prove how she received her latest Girl Scouts badge.

Click below for the complete 5-minute children’s play, My Best Myself.

A 5-minute monologue play
Setting: AN OFFER:

Age range: 20-50s
Running time: Approximately 5 minutes
Description: DAN is at work, and has just participated in the office “Secret Santa” exchange where participants were instructed to make a gift for their Secret Santa. He is speaking to Penny, the coworker he has been assigned to give a gift to. He has just given her his gift and she is not impressed, but there is a very good reason for Dan’s uncreative gift.


What did you expect? Me to knit a scarf? You think I’m gonna bake, what, cookies shaped like Santa and put a bow on it? (shakes head) You can’t have the same expectation on me as you do Chrissy—we all see her at lunch, reading those magazines with, I don’t know what they have on them—little crafts—and—food…things? And Gerald has his own woodworking shop in his garage. I’ve seen it. You probably haven’t, but he’s got everything. He built his kids a huge wooden fire truck.  They can stand inside of it and it has a real hose installed.. They keep it in their driveway all summer. So his handcrafted Frank-shaped nutcracker is nothing for him. (pause) So. Look. It’s—you’re taking this too personally. I know the rules of Secret Santa this year were that we had to make our own gift. But…Penny. You know what I’ve been going through, right? Sarah left me right on Halloween. We’re going through the kids’ candy when they’re in bed, you know, making sure they’re fine, eating a few peanut butter cups. And she gets all excited and says she’s found one with the wrapper open. I tell her Joey was starting to open a pack of Skittles after he brushed his teeth, so I had him save it for the next day. And it’s a pack of Skittles she’s got in her hands too, so it’ gotta be the same one. I tell her all this but she doesn’t believe me and she gets hysterical that someone in the neighborhood is trying to poison the kids. I say I doubt that, but she keeps going on about it, so I shrug it off and let her get it out of her system. We’ll throw them out if it makes her happy, who cares. Joey has enough candy...END OF EXCERPT

CLICK BELOW FOR THE COMPLETE 5-minute comedic/dramatic monologue play, Secret Santa.