New dramatic 5-minute monologue for female actor: His First English Words

Are you ready for a little history leading up to a new 5-minute dramatic monologue? So in the early 1940s, “Victory Gardens” sprang up around the US in an effort for Americans at home to lend their support to armed forces and allies fighting overseas in WWII…
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New 10-minute dark comedy play for 2 actors: Alfred and Lily and Their Marvelous Tank in the Forest

If you like dark comedies (cringe and laugh, laugh and cringe—then pause to think seriously for a minute…), check out my new 10-minute play, Alfred and Lily and Their Marvelous Tank in the Forest. Yes, it has two frogs in it who jump around, chew on sticks, and get jealous of pond creatures with purple scarves—but this allegory doesn’t only provide fun entertainment; it’s thought provoking and generates great discussion. Does a horror have to affect you personally for you to notice something is wrong? How long will you accept happy lies until you’re willing to see what is in front of you? How can two individuals have such contrasting views of reality?…

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New comedic monologue for women: Freshly Squeezed

If you’re looking for a free, new (let’s say, um, “fresh”) comedic monologue for a female actor, check out Freshly Squeezed below. It’s a 1940s version of a someone who might sound a little stuck on herself, hence the comedy as she compares her “noble” qualities to the “poor” girls around her. But if you read the entire 10-minute piece from which it comes, Ruth and Harry & The Dinner Party, you see Ruth reveals a huge insecurity about her inability to become a mother, and strength despite society’s pressure, and her character takes on a much deeper note. This monologue runs about 1.5 minutes.

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New 5-minute Children's Comedic Reader's Theater Play: The Shipwreck Solution

What do a box jellyfish, a mako shark, an anglerfish and a tiger shark have in common? They all want to live in the same abandonned shipwreck on the ocean floor—and no one wants to share! Check out The Shipwreck Solution to discover if these four, very different creatures, can find a way to work it out!

This is a 5-7 minute children’s comedic play, also appropriate for Reader’s Theater, for 4 actors (gender neutral)….

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Black Friday Deal on Tara Meddaugh plays: 20% off all purchases!

Whoohoo! Yes, even my plays are on sale for Black Friday - as my thank you to YOU—my loyal patrons, fellow artists, actors, directors, writers, friends, teachers, designers, students…I’m grateful for all of you! So enjoy 20% off your purchase now through November 25! Just use coupon code BLACKFRIDAYPLAYS at the checkout. Happy shopping and Happy Creating!

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Now Available - 5 Minute Children's Play: My Best Myself

If you’re looking for a short play for children, check out this fun and poignant 5-minute comedic play for 2 female actors. While Megan and Kel are waiting for their school bus to arrive, Megan challenges Kel to prove how she received her latest Girl Scouts badge. But revelations soon afford the girls an opportunity to put down their rivalry and consider maybe, just maybe, becoming friends…

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6 Great Plays for Halloween

If you’re looking for an eerie, creepy or thriller play in the spirit of Halloween, check out these plays that just might give you a chill or two! From the witch in that gingerbread house, to a mysterious heart, a domineering bingo chip, a lust for human hair—and more—enjoy these uniquely dark (and sometimes comedic) plays by Tara Meddaugh…

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New Free Dramatic Monologue for Female or Male actor: No Release

Check out my new dramatic monologue, "No Release," about a woman and her failed attempts at a cleansing cry.

MELINDA: Everyone keeps telling me to cry like it’s some kind of, some kind of miracle cure or something. I’ll feel better, I’ll feel this, I don’t know, this release, and—I don’t even know what a release feels like.  What—suddenly I’ll have no tightness in my chest? Cause you know, I’m wearing this tightness inside of me like some kind of old fashioned girdle, you know? And, it’s like...

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Beverly Hills 90210, The Musical: The Peach Pit Takes Center Stage

If watching musical (parody) remakes of your favorite, or not-so-favorite, guilty-pleasure tv shows appeals to you, then you're in for another treat. Yes, that's right. Beverly Hills 90210, the (gulp) musical is hitting Off-Broadway this September.  Bob and Tobly McSmith strike again in pulling at those kitsch ole heartstrings...

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Carnegie Mellon University and The Tony Awards

This year's Tony Awards brought out a lot of pride for CMU (Carnegie Mellon University) alumni and students, when two alumni each received one of theatre's most prestigious recognitions. Leslie Odom, Jr. won his first Tony for best performance by an actor in a leading role in a musical (he plays Aaron Burr in the huge huge huge hit, "Hamilton.")....

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Shrews Taming Shrews: All female cast of this classic for The Public's "Shakespeare in the Park"

Okay, using the word "shrew" makes my 21st Century self cringe for some reason.  Other than the mouse-like mammal, a shrew is defined as "a bad-tempered or aggressively assertive woman" which is certainly not most women, and certainly not just women who don't want to get married. But Shakespeare used it, and so do I.  Is Katherina a shrew? Is female-Petruchio a shrew? Well, now you can judge for yourself in a month or so...

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New Dramatic Monologue: The Nicest Worst Club

Here is a new dramatic monologue, for a female (or male) actor. The monologue is suitable for a female (could be worked for a male) actor ages 18+. In "The Nicest Worst Club," Julie, a married woman with children, speaks to her friend, Jan, about not wanting to be part of a club of very nice women (who have all lost a husband).

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Lee Harper will never see Aaron Sorkin's stage adaptation of To Kill A Mockingbird

How many of us were blown away by Lee Harper's To Kill A Mockingbird in our very young school lives? Oh my gosh--I loved that book. I even just loved saying the words "Boo Radley." It has probably been a few decades since I read it, and after recently hearing Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network, The West Wing) is writing a stage adaptation of To Kill A Mockingbird, I put a good re-read of this classic on my "to do" list...

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New comedic/dramatic 10-minute play for 2 actors

Check out my new 10-minute play, A Life Spurred into Meaningful Adventure--great for production, festivals, and competitions. It's for 2 young adults, teens or children actors and casts a new light on the whole Goldilocks story...What if Goldilocks and Little Bear were friends? And had been friends for a long time before the famous porridge/chair/bed incident that got her kicked out? What would happen to their friendship when she is kicked out? Would they see each other again? And if so...where would they go? ...

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New dramatic monologue for children, teens, adults

Enjoy this new dramatic monologue, ranging in actor age from 12 to adult.

Setting: A bathroom
Age Range: 12-70+

Description: Whitney is in a bathroom. She speaks out.


I cover my ears in the shower. I stand there—letting the water drip down my hair, my back. I turn into it. It flows down my face. It’s loud. Not like thunder. It’s…it’s…peaceful. Like…I’m swimming under water, in a lake, it’s dark and the rain is pouring down. It’s loud under water. But it’s quiet. Muffled.  Calm. There are no problems under water. There is no yelling. No hurt. No pain. Everything is erased. And no one knows me.  What I’ve done. What’s been done to me. I’m nothing under the water. And Nothing is…freeing. To me...

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