Calvin and Hobbes: Perfect Summer Reading

I was visiting my parents' house this summer which is always bound to stir up childhood memories, but I got a special burst of elated nostalgia when my 7-year-old son came to me with a comic book of mine he found at their house entitled, Revenge of the Babysat. Now, anyone who really knows the comic I'm going to talk about will immediately know who I'm talking about, and hopefully, it will bring about a huge smile for them too. I'm talking about the namesakes of that famous theologian who gave us Reformed Protestantism (touting Predestination), and the political philosopher who gave us social contract theory--yes, I'm talking about none other than Calvin and Hobbes.

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"Forgiveness and Defeat At A Pokémon Gym": A new comedic monologue

With all the craze of the augmented reality game, Pokemon Go, I would be remiss if i didn't acknowledge its success, dramatic relevance, and at least write a little monologue about it...So consider the first two points acknowledged, and check out my pokemon-related monologue below. This 1 minute monologue contains some comedy, some romance, some lightning bolts on a bike, and of course, some pokemon drama...Read the monologue below, entitled Forgiveness and Defeat at a Pokemon Gym.

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Performer Stuff: A Great Resource for Actors and Singers

Just as the title of the site indicates, Performer Stuff is about, well, stuff for performers. The website includes tens of thousands of songs for musical theatre actors to audition with, and a huge (and growing) number of monologues perfect for any audition (you can find my monologues there too--lots more that aren't even on my own website yet, in fact)...

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The Blank Theatre's Young Playwrights Festival: Open for submissions

People have asked me before how I see theatre standing up to the next generation filled with such a high focus on technology, social media sans face-to-face connections, and a lack of interest in the arts. There are challenges, to be sure. There always have been, and there always will be. Theatre is not an easy medium...

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New comedic/dramatic 10-minute play for 2 actors

Check out my new 10-minute play, A Life Spurred into Meaningful Adventure--great for production, festivals, and competitions. It's for 2 young adults, teens or children actors and casts a new light on the whole Goldilocks story...What if Goldilocks and Little Bear were friends? And had been friends for a long time before the famous porridge/chair/bed incident that got her kicked out? What would happen to their friendship when she is kicked out? Would they see each other again? And if so...where would they go? ...

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New dramatic monologue for children, teens, adults

Enjoy this new dramatic monologue, ranging in actor age from 12 to adult.

Setting: A bathroom
Age Range: 12-70+

Description: Whitney is in a bathroom. She speaks out.


I cover my ears in the shower. I stand there—letting the water drip down my hair, my back. I turn into it. It flows down my face. It’s loud. Not like thunder. It’s…it’s…peaceful. Like…I’m swimming under water, in a lake, it’s dark and the rain is pouring down. It’s loud under water. But it’s quiet. Muffled.  Calm. There are no problems under water. There is no yelling. No hurt. No pain. Everything is erased. And no one knows me.  What I’ve done. What’s been done to me. I’m nothing under the water. And Nothing is…freeing. To me...

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The National YoungArts Foundation: Resouce for teens

If you're an artist between the ages of 15-18 (10-12 grade), you can considering applying to the National YoungArts Foundation. Applications are accepted in a variety of fields, including cinematic arts, classical music, and writing (to name a few) and you can find the application here (be aware, unfortunately, there is a $35 application fee, but you can get it waived).  So what is the National YoungArts Foundation? Well, in their own words...

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New Children's/Teen Monologue, "Ipad Fury"

How would you like to perform a monologue that's brand-spankin'-new to the public?  Well, children and teenagers, here's one for you!  As always, contact me for request of use. Enjoy!

IPAD FURY By Tara Meddaugh © 2015

JUSTIN, a boy, 7-15 years old, is sitting in the driver’s side of his mom’s Toyota Sienna minivan. The keys are in the ignition, the doors are locked. The window is open about 1 inch. Justin’s mom is standing next to the driver’s side of the car, locked out.



Just because I’m not a teenager yet doesn’t mean I can’t drive a car. You think I won’t do it?

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