Christmas Theater: talking reindeer, mistletoe melancholy, christmas tree blood and more!

Crazy, right? Split between 4 of us and we still couldn’t finish all the candy (Where’s the milkshake, right?)!

Crazy, right? Split between 4 of us and we still couldn’t finish all the candy (Where’s the milkshake, right?)!

As we sled into December, first, a very warm Happy Hannukah or Happy Chanukah (or use one of the other 14 spellings!)! And second, the Christmas Theater season is upon us! Is there a classic holiday play you see every year? Or a new Christmas show you are looking forward to this season? For me, I recently enjoyed A Charlie Brown Christmas: Live On Stage followed by one of those crazy milkshakes shared by 4 of us (check out the pic!)! Nothing says Christmas like tons of sweets, right (Okay, yes, lots of things say Christmas other than sweets! But one must exert some sugar will power around the holidays!)? Next weekend, I’m looking forward to nestling into an historic Dutch church in legendary Sleepy Hollow to watch a one-man show of Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol. The following weekend, I’ll enjoy a one-hour version of The Nutcracker. I love to support theater year-round, but there is something special about seeing a warm holiday show in December!

christmas theater.jpg

As much as I love seeing Christmas Drama, I also love writing it! So check out some of my Christmas theater below (a one-act play, a 5-minute one-man show, and several monologues for kids to adults)! Click on the links to read excerpts from all of the holiday monologues or holiday plays or to get the full versions. Enjoy the holiday season!

Christmas Superpowers and Believing in Blitzen: Take a snowy walk through the child-like magic of Christmas, where reindeer talk, Santa is real, and…does someone want super powers? This is a 30-minute play for 2 females and 3 males.

Still Standing Under the Mistletoe: This is a 1.5-2 minute comedic/dramatic monologue for a male actor. Larry hopes his ex-girlfriend will listen to him while continuing to stand under the mistletoe…

Begging Blitzen: In this short comedic monologue, Annie asks her new friend, Blitzen (yes, the reindeer) for a favor!

Christmas Superpowers: In this 1-minute comedic monologue, Dylan asks Santa for an unusual gift.

Santa’s Lousy Job: In this short comedic monologue, Lauren tries to set Santa straight after his failed gender-specific gift giving from last year.

Secret Santa: This is a dramatic/comedic 5-minute monologue/one-man play. Dan attempts to justify his poor Secret Santa gift to his co-worker.

Shepherd Superheroes: In this short comedic monologue, Sam explains to the Christmas pageant director why having his shepherd’s costume muddy right before the performance is actually a good thing.

Tinsel for Christmas: In this short dark comedy monologue, Stan tries to get someone in the Emergency Room to take his bloodied arm seriously.

Monologue Packet from Christmas Superpowers and Believing in Blitzen: This packet included 19 Christmas-themed Monologues extracted from the one-act comedy for children, Christmas Superpowers and Believing in Blitzen. Monologues are for children (or adults playing children) ranging in length from 30 seconds to 3 minutes (most averaging around 1-2 minutes).