December Newsletter

Has anyone else watched a "Hallmark Holiday" movie this season yet? Okay, they're cheesy and predictable, but there's kind of nothing like wrapping presents at midnight, while watching a feel-good Christmas movie where a jaded journalist travels to a snowy land and either meets Santa--or a prince! Snacking on chocolate-covered peppermint "jo-jos" helps too.

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New dramatic/comedic monologue for male actors, "A Nice Night Together"

Check out my new free dramatic, romantic-comedic monologue, A Nice Night Together. SAMUEL, a married man, is standing outside of a hotel bedroom, speaking to his recent fling, Brigit. He explains the difference in her expressing things that will make them have a nice night together and expressing things that will make them have a bad night. He’ll stick around if it’s the former. He’ll leave if it’s the latter.

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Teen/Children's/Comedic Monologue: Iowa Is Gonna Be So Jealous

Check out my newly released comedic monologue for teens or children, Iowa is Gonna Be So Jealous, written especially for the 2015 monologue winner, the very talented, Ryan Henzi. If you've ever wanted to perform a scene where you were almost mauled by a rhinoceros (and found it kind of exciting!), then here is your chance!...

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New Free Dramatic Monologue for Female or Male actor: No Release

Check out my new dramatic monologue, "No Release," about a woman and her failed attempts at a cleansing cry.

MELINDA: Everyone keeps telling me to cry like it’s some kind of, some kind of miracle cure or something. I’ll feel better, I’ll feel this, I don’t know, this release, and—I don’t even know what a release feels like.  What—suddenly I’ll have no tightness in my chest? Cause you know, I’m wearing this tightness inside of me like some kind of old fashioned girdle, you know? And, it’s like...

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New Trio of related monologues for children: Skunk Moms

Check out my new free comedic children's monologues below. Three siblings try to convince their mother that a skunk would be the perfect pet. The monologues vary slightly in length, making it a good fit for younger children as well as older children...

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"Claire, My Eclair": A new comedic/dramatic monologue

Okay, we all make mistakes. But some mistakes are, well, quite a bit bigger than others...Check out my new comedic/dramatic monologue in which Andres begs his ex-girlfriend to forgive him of one of those big "mistakes," and maybe, just maybe, consider taking him back. After all, he did what he did

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"Forgiveness and Defeat At A Pokémon Gym": A new comedic monologue

With all the craze of the augmented reality game, Pokemon Go, I would be remiss if i didn't acknowledge its success, dramatic relevance, and at least write a little monologue about it...So consider the first two points acknowledged, and check out my pokemon-related monologue below. This 1 minute monologue contains some comedy, some romance, some lightning bolts on a bike, and of course, some pokemon drama...Read the monologue below, entitled Forgiveness and Defeat at a Pokemon Gym.

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Interview with Monologue Slam Winner, Billy Vale

Billy Vale was thrilled when he heard his name called as the Youth Round Winner of the MonologueSlam UK Birmingham. My monologue, "Ipad Fury,"was the first monologue he had performed, but his talent was clear, and his performance appreciated by the judges and audience alike...

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Performer Stuff: A Great Resource for Actors and Singers

Just as the title of the site indicates, Performer Stuff is about, well, stuff for performers. The website includes tens of thousands of songs for musical theatre actors to audition with, and a huge (and growing) number of monologues perfect for any audition (you can find my monologues there too--lots more that aren't even on my own website yet, in fact)...

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New Dramatic Monologue: The Nicest Worst Club

Here is a new dramatic monologue, for a female (or male) actor. The monologue is suitable for a female (could be worked for a male) actor ages 18+. In "The Nicest Worst Club," Julie, a married woman with children, speaks to her friend, Jan, about not wanting to be part of a club of very nice women (who have all lost a husband).

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New dramatic monologue for children, teens, adults

Enjoy this new dramatic monologue, ranging in actor age from 12 to adult.

Setting: A bathroom
Age Range: 12-70+

Description: Whitney is in a bathroom. She speaks out.


I cover my ears in the shower. I stand there—letting the water drip down my hair, my back. I turn into it. It flows down my face. It’s loud. Not like thunder. It’s…it’s…peaceful. Like…I’m swimming under water, in a lake, it’s dark and the rain is pouring down. It’s loud under water. But it’s quiet. Muffled.  Calm. There are no problems under water. There is no yelling. No hurt. No pain. Everything is erased. And no one knows me.  What I’ve done. What’s been done to me. I’m nothing under the water. And Nothing is…freeing. To me...

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